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the twenty fourth letter

Posted by tinuviellen on 2006.04.30 at 12:01
Christ Church College
Oxford University
Oxford, England
Friday, June 28th

Dearest Polly,
I am heartily ashamed of myself. I am so discomfited and sorry that I left you waiting for so long for such important news. Oh, I know I told at the end of my last letter my list of excuses - the delay in receiving Aunt Sylvia’s letter, Dora’s accident - but I am mortified to think of you, sitting so long in your charming but lonely boarding house fearing I had somehow forgotten you. My reasons don’t seem nearly good enough now.
So to make the slightest, tiniest beginning at amends, I here present you with Aunt Sylvia’s letter, unsummarized, in all it’s shocking glory and vivid Sylvian detail. I shan’t embellish a bit. It hardly needs embellishing! But what a deal of information - and what information! Did you expect it? I admit I did not.
All my love,
your chastised and repentant Alice
PS - I love kittens. And I love surprises. What strange depths to find in Walter Davenforth. How delicious. You will be pleased to know that you are not the only Windleigh sister inveigled in romance. (I do not refer to Hen and her mysterious attachment to Randall Hepplewhite - shocking taste on her part, worse even than her taste in clothes. I suppose that’s why it took me so long to see it.) Dora has last evening at dinner announced her intention to marry Albert Bligh. Our little sister has found her own (innocuous) Willoughby.

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